Tuesday, January 20, 2009

lesson to learn !

I learnt few lessons today.. precious ones !
I L-E-A-R-N-T :
(i) not to despise others ability- meaning: YOU have the ability to think, so do others! People are not STUPID!

(ii) not to expect people to overlook your weaknesses - meaning: People are born to critics! "Good" people is just a lie... my dear!

(ii) not to count on luck- meaning: I have no luck at all! "Sial" is my destiny!

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y: WHO TO Blame ?


R-E-A-S-O-N: No one can be blamed upon, except mememememememememe ! I deserve it anyway! Padam muka.

WHAT CAN I DO NOW: Mending the "mistakesssss"


"nEVER TOO lAte TO mend"
"eVeryCloud HaS a SilvER lIgHTING"
"woRkiNG foR thE bEst"

From now on, no more turning back. Looking forward is my priority!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Last week was my midterm week...my schedule was so packed, need to study, need to do assignment and etc etc.. hardly find a single space to breath and rest!
so, desperately hope to go for movie for the whole week... desperately hope to see my dear who had been apart from me for 1 week... desperately hope to spend my weekend with him...
but, he was totally so busy for the last whole week... he was busying working and visiting his sis who had been hospitalized... so, i dared not to tell him that i want to go for movie !!!!!
however, not telling did not mean no hinting.. hahaha.. i gave him a hint on sat nitez that i wan to watch eagle eye, which i had mentioned several times since few weeks ago... did IT purposely to test him whether he was alert enough to know my ulterior motive..
out of my expectation, he was so brilliant this time ( as compared to usual him-dumb dumb), promised to bring me for movie if he was able to come all the way back from puchong to GK to find me...
because he needed to wait his parents to return to Bidor 1st, I expected him to be able to come to find me around dinner time... but out of my expectation, he came at 3or 4sthg in the noon... with "tong shui" with his hand.. haha..
so happy to see him...
nitez, we went for movie at 10.30pm.. reached a bit earlier... nothing to do..so my syok sendiri nature foster me to take pictures again! but not satisfied with my artwork that nitez.
See? the photoes that i took were so blur,, freaking blur la.. sigh*hp camera with 3.2 megapixel was nothing... it would be more ideal for me if it had the anti shake system... cz i have freaking shaking hands.. both side! ishhhh.... should bring my digital cam next time!
failed in so many attempt, i gave up! i asked my bf to take the pics...at least better than me, not so blur.. can c pretty me and handsome him, and happy lovely couple us! huhuhu.. :-)



***** BOTH OF US *****

Sunday, October 5, 2008

kissing frog prince ~ MuAcKs!

When you feel bored, what do you do?
chit- chating, sleeping, or doing nothing...
what can i say ~ " IT IS TOO COMMON"
try to make it a bit different like us,
giving a kiss to the frog prince in the middle of the lecture hall...




p/s: feel free to leave comments on those pic... u can rate as well !

1.super duper dislike it

2.slightly dislike it

3. neutral

4.slightly like it

5. super duper like it

~raya holiday aka bf trip ~

I went back to kmn last weeks, no doubt, was there to spend my raya holiday...
I went back with a so called "special guest" ... not originated from YAP family...
he was my bf.. a special guest who had been waiting long by my parents... i guess..haha
my mum like always... welcomed him with open arms, big smiles (*jz lack of a bear hug)
but my dad, like always also, wearing the mr. cold's mask... fierce face with no smile...
my mum talked a lot to cha, but my dad, a bit hard.. the only question he asked: 你妈妈是什么人?
then, no more conversation between my dad and cha... but no worries, at least my dad still willing to prepare dinner for him... so think at the brighter side: my dad just a bit shy ...haha
there was not much places in kmn that i could bring cha visit around ... our visiting trips jz consumed half day time only... only a morning+ an afternoon, we went to ah mai jie to eat curry noodle, hai ping to have kopi ..n sadly to say... we went home afterward... plan to go to awana kijal initially, but i call it off cz there was so jam in kmn...
i waiting so long to go home with my bf... so that i could show off my driving skill to him... but damn paiseh... the very 1st time i drove him out, i reversed my car and almost hit my neighbour car... broken dream! lost my show off chance! what left over was an embarassing moment!
we drove to kuala for few times in order to find for satah... cz my bf dunno wat was it... i drove of course... but almost hit an kancil when i was on the way to kuala... sial betul!
because nothing more can do at kmn, then v moved to ktn... hoping to find some entertainment there.. haiz... not much to do oso.. we went to pray 九王爷 in the morning, then to shopping mall in the afternoon... oh ya... i got a teddy bear from my bf... so sweet...

my little cute bear: name: teddy aka didi

i went back with my bf the next day!
haha.. my mum advice to me before I said 88: 不要吃亏...
my reply: YES, MADAM! I will! no worries...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

hey KaWans..............

hey kawan,
where u guys been ... "lama tak jumpa"
seem like so long never meet ... "dah gi mana"
busy with gf/bf ...hehehe... "sibuk kat makwe/pakwe wei"
when only v can meet... " bile nak jumpa"
miss u guys so much... "rindu sungguh la kawan"
my lovely kemaman geng...
try to find time to hanging out ... "carilah masa gi lepak"
at least for this year...
waiting u guys to go clubbing.. hehe. specially dedicated to 2 ah moi!
pakai molek molek ah...
jom gi pancing abang abang kat sane..

eve's wish: hope v can meet soon ! with love!


busy with my thesis recently... busy searching for journal, busy contacting the researches n etc etc... Feel super duper happy when I able to find the researchers email, yet, feel a littleeeeeeeee bit frustrated when result turn to zero !!!!
oh ya.. some researches are damn so helpful... they replied my email super fast... mostly within an hr... but I am super dumb, sometime will email them for few times to get some confirmation... hahaha.. so paiseh u noe... but out of my expectation, they did help ! they even said something encouraging to me... so touch! feel like want to give them bear hugsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
hahaha... (p/s : i like "ang mo" ma)
Their unconditional assistance and motivation as if the silver lighting from the cloud.. giving me the inspiration to work hard, spirit to fight ... haha ...
so work hard eve... believe that you can
*syok sendiri*

Monday, September 22, 2008

best question !

human always has a choice! i do, you do, she does and he does also! what makes a discrepancy is the way you make your choice..I like to think twice, what the pros, what the cons, and sure what the risks of taking the choice! i used to plan, and i hope things happen like i wish.. i always thought this is a wisely thought until one day, some1 asking a question which i end up saying nothing!
he asked " what if there is time you need not to plan at all, and plan is not necessasy at all?" yes, true, why i want to have so much plan although sometimes it's nt necessary... why i wanna make everything stick to a desire formulation and allow no exception!
this was absolutely the best ever question pointed in my life... n yes, it really drove me to think and to reflect myself !